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Caves & Caves, PLLC is a major legal asset to companies and individuals in Laurel, Mississippi and the surrounding counties of the southern Magnolia State.

We pride ourselves on our establishment as a full-service civil litigation firm. Our firm offers reputable legal counsel in a variety of concentrations:

Providing effective, thorough legal counsel in Jones County

Our attorneys have decades of experience with Mississippi laws. Our firm’s extensive legal history includes litigating numerous cases in court.

Among our greatest contributions to the community is our 22 years of practice in school law, a rarity for law firms today. As one of the few firms who concentrate on this area, we have a corner on school law expertise in Southern Mississippi.

What you can expect from Caves & Caves, PLLC

When you contact our office, you can expect outstanding service in the following areas:

  • Personalized attention
  • Accessible lawyers
  • Honest, open discussions about your legal goals
  • Extensive research and consideration to your unique lawsuit
  • Updates throughout your case
  • Fair treatment

Representing individuals and corporations in Southern Mississippi

We work on behalf of individuals in all matters of family law, catastrophic personal injury claims, and estate planning. Individuals need advocates for justice the same as corporations.

We are one of the leading corporate defense law firms in Mississippi. Our Representative Clients page indicates the level of clients satisfied with our legal representation and personal treatment to their cases.

You do not win cases by settling. You win by preparing to win.

We have been practicing law in Mississippi since 1974. We have spent all these years attaining a strong and happy client base through word of mouth. We do not over-advertise ourselves because our legal reputation speaks for itself.

You can trust our attorneys to handle your case vigorously and thoroughly.

Contact us

If Caves & Caves was recommended to you, or you have just found us now, contact us for a free initial consultation. Let us tell you face-to-face how we can help with your legal situation.

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Laurel Office

525 North 4th Avenue
P.O. Drawer 167
Laurel, Mississippi 39441-0167

Phone: 601-428-0402
Fax: 601-428-0452