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School Law

School law encompasses state and federal government regulations on public and private education. These laws apply to all aspects of school functions, such as:

  • Administration
  • Contracts
  • Staff
  • Instruction methods
  • Discipline
  • Students
  • Educational programs
  • Athletics
  • Special education
  • Discrimination
  • Operation of school facilities
  • Section 16 land transactions

Unique experience

Schools require experienced attorneys to represent them. In Southern Mississippi, schools rely on Caves & Caves, PLLC. With 22 years of experience in this unique field, our lawyers have extensive experience in school law, including contracts and litigation.

We have defended numerous clients in education, including:

  • Individuals, such as teachers and administrators
  • Educational institutions
  • School districts
  • School contractors
  • School boards


Contract law experience is essential to successful school law practice. Schools need contracts for staff employees, permits, activities, programs, materials, suppliers, construction workers, and more. In drafting new contracts and litigating contract disputes, school attorneys need an eye for detail. Our experience at Caves & Caves in this highly specialized field of law is vital for expedient and thorough education counsel.


Courtroom and negotiation proficiency are key to representing schools in all their legal matters. At Caves & Caves, we have extensive litigation experience in civil court and at the negotiation table. If your school needs a full service civil litigation firm with a tailored knowledge of federal, state, and local school laws affecting your district, please contact us.  For other information on school policies, visit the Mississippi Department of Education website.

Well-rounded legal representation

Trust Caves & Caves, PLLC for your legal needs. Let education be your top priority, and allow our attorneys take care of your legal issues.

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